Things To Do On Page 82 Reviews

Things To Do On Page 82 Reviews!
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Do You Have A Page 82 You'd Like Reviewed?

So far I've only reviewed books I own and have read, but I'd be pleased as punch to do a request from time to time.

If there's a page 82 you'd like to see reviewed, just send me the following:

(1) An RTF or other text file of the page;
(2) A cover illustration in JPEG or other web-friendly form;
(3) A link to an online source where others can read or acquire the book; and
(4) The appropriate genre and author tags for me to put at the end of the review.

My email for this blog is

I can't promise to review everything that gets sent to me, but as long as I only get a few a day, it shouldn't be too hard for me to keep up with.

Note to Authors: I welcome submissions from indie authors and mainstream ones alike and will happily review your page 82 submissions. Be aware, though, that I want the site to maintain a balance of books so that it doesn't just become a self-promotional site for hard-working but unknown writers. To help with that balance, please consider including a page 82 submission of a well-known book along with the submission of your own page 82.


  1. that's a lot of work!!! so far i know i can do 1 of 4, so with that homework, when & where are we all having dinner???

  2. Herb! Where ARE you? Your last post was in January! That won't do. I so enjoy your musings.

  3. Sorry, I got way out of balance with blogging and all the self-publishing stuff earlier this year, and I kind of imploded on all of it. I'm trying to ease back into things, and step one has been to get back on track with my current novel. It's progressing pretty well now, so I hope to start blogging here again soon.

  4. Good luck with your novel! It's the most important thing!

  5. Thanks, Denise! It's in pretty good swing right now, and my conscience keeps nagging me about the page 82s I have piled up. Hopefully I'll get back here soon.